Wetwinkel Amsterdam


Since 1985 the Wetwinkel helps persons seeking assistence with legal issues on a voluntarily basis. Here you can find more about our history and our values.

House Regulations

Here you can find the most recent version of our House Regulations. Our House Regulations have been last updated in 2020

House regulations

The House Regulations of Stichting Wetwinkel Amsterdam contains information on how we take on cases. Here you can find how we handle clients and how our consultation hour is setup. Furthermore the internal regulations contain information about our commissions and the discussion of cases with lawyers who accompany our foundation. Having read the Internal Regulations the functioning of the foundation should be clear.

If you have questions or comments you can reach us at info@wetwinkelamsterdam.nl, the questions and comments shall be handled by the secretary of the foundation





Since the foundation of Stichting Wetwinkel Amsterdam we work according a certain guideline. Our guideline is to provide legal aid to those who are less prosperous and are needy. This is the core of our foundation and is enshrined in our Articles of Association as such.

Our articles of association are an importation part of our foundation, because here we describe our goals and how we would like to achieve these goals. Moreover we give an insight on how we are planning to stay financial stable, while remaining independent and impartial. Our Articles of Association can be found here.


Here you can find the most recent version of our statutes. The statutes date from 1985 and have been actualized in 2015.

Financial statements

Stichting Wetwinkel Amsterdam has a social purpose. For that reason alone it is important that the society is able to see how the foundation promotes her interests. We do this by showing how we spend the subsidy, on the way people are being helped and by showing where we can still improve ourselves.

That is why Stichting Wetwinkel Amsterdam publishes a financial statement every year. In the annual report we provide information about the income and expenses of the foundation, where we made profit and losses and where we spend our money on. By reading the annual report you will have an insight of the organisation of our foundation and the way we attempt to reach or goals.

Any questions or comments? Contact us at Info@wetwinkelamsterdam.nl!