Wetwinkel Amsterdam


Stichting Wetwinkel Amsterdam is a foundation with a broad network. We work together with students, professors, lawyers and companies. On this page, you can read how Stichting Wetwinkel Amsterdam can help you. 


Stichting Wetwinkel Amsterdam currently works together with the University of Amsterdam, the Raad voor Rechtsbijstand and De Roos Advocaten to accomplish her goals.  We are always interested in broadening our view. To learn which forms a collaboration can take, take a look at our brochure or send a message to our finance department, available at acquisitie@wetwinkelamsterdam.nl


It is our firm belief that the possibilities for collaboration are endless. The main goal of our foundation is to offer legal advice, free of charge, to a wide public. In addition, we aim to create an educative experience for our volunteers. On this page, you can learn about the possibilities for collaboration, as well as the companies that preceded you. We have established during relationships with the Universiteit van Amsterdam and the Raad voor Rechtsbijstand.

In addition to the possibilities that are named in our brochure, it is also possible to become a Wetwinkel mentor, provided you have legal experience. This means that a few times every year, you will join our team and assist us with the most difficult legal problems we encounter.


Our team works on a voluntary basis. If you are you satisfied with our help, you can make a donation. You can use the form to make a donation. Thank you!





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