Wetwinkel Amsterdam

About us

On this page, you can learn more about us personally. Here you can find out more about our history, our team, our privacy policy and general terms and conditions.


Almost forty years ago, some students noticed that many people could not find the legal help they were looking for. The reason for this was that often, their case was too small for an expensive lawyer. In addition, it was hard to know which steps to take in a complex world of rules and regulations. For this reason, the foundation Stichting Wetwinkel Amsterdam was established on September 9th, 1985. This foundation operates with the collaboration of fourteen enthusiastic students of Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam. Every Tuesday and Thursday, our volunteers organise a consultation hour, during which they help those in need with their legal problems. 

Almost forty years later, Stichting Wetwinkel Amsterdam still offers legal help to those in need. Even today, the legal system is a difficult one to understand. As a result, many people still struggle to find their way within.

Thirty-five years of legal advice

Since our establishment, our goal has been to facilitate legal knowledge and legal accessibility for those who need it. Our advice is provided to anyone and everyone. We either handle a case ourselves, or we refer a case to another institution or lawyer. In 2020, we celebrate our seventh lustrum. This means that our thirty-fifth year of free legal advice has become a fact.